Final Grade Calculator

Below Calculator will help you to determine what grade (percentage) you require on your final exam in order to get a certain grade in a class.

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What is your final grade?

We all talk about the final grade, we all know what we mean by the final grade, we all wait with enthusiasm about the final grade but do we know the fundamentals of the final grade?? It is imperative to understand what is a final grade calculator and how is it calculated. The word ‘final’ implies the end result or the final score calculated on the basis of taking out an average of the grades. Might sound complicated but trust us for there is no rocket science involved. It is as simple and as it is accurate. While in certain cases the final grade would be as literal as the final score or the grade you get in the particular subject, in the other cases it is the result of different unit or formative tests or internal exams. In the latter type, each exam or tests weighs differently and the average is derived to assess the final grade. Therefore, the final grade is the cumulative score that further is a result, in the form of average of the multiple exams taken in a particular semester or term. Each exam is represented in the form of a percentage that is included in the final grade.

How Does Final Grade Calculator Work!

A student’s school life comprises of multiple tests that he/she undertakes during the course of the term. The tests can be in the form of formative assessments or unit or informal tests like oral tests, skill tests, homework, quizzes and presentations. They can be spread semester wise to be covered in a particular session or a term.


Each assessment has certain weight that further counts in the final score. So in case you are curiously anticipating your final grade but apprehensive how to calculate it, then here it goes. You can calculate the final grade manually as well as by using the final grade calculator. In order to calculate your final grade, you need three basic things: your target grade, your current grade and the final weight. Once you have all the requisites, you can apply the formula:

Required = (Goal − Current × (100% − Final Weight)) / Final Weight

Final Grade Calculation

If you are wondering what your grade should be in order to reach your final grade then the final grade calculator can help you estimate it. It is as simple as it sounds. You just need your current grade based on the formative or other multiple assessments and the weight of the final examination.