Advertiser Disclosure

Advertiser Disclosure

We are a reader-supported website

Yes we are a reader support website which means that we earn commission from the clients who advertise their website or products on our website. Many companies or service providers here pay us when we share their link.  Whenever you click on these links and you end up purchasing a product or a service, we receive compensation. This revenue strategy is not unique to us. Thousands of websites that review products on the internet use exactly the same revenue strategy.

Why are we partnered with these service providers?

When we first launched our website, we decided to provide all the necessary information that our readers and users look for. As the time passed by and we started getting huge traffic looking for updated information and regular blogs and information, we saw the need to invest in it. So to keep up our good work and website running without any distracting ads and pop-ups, we decided to choose this strategy. This allow us to partner with sites that provide information similar to ours and this way it provides better user experience and you can easily focus on the information you came searching for.

How We Work – Our Mission Statement

We aim towards providing the latest and updated information that you may need. Our mission is to provide the latest product information and unbiased reviews to help you make smart and informed decisions.

Also, we get paid for the links and ads that you see on our website and we are not responsible for their content and information that they provide. It is the responsibility of users to make a decision if they decide to purchase from these advertisers. So please be advised that we receive payment for leads or sales resulting from clicked links or referrals that originate from our website.