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Calculate School Grades

Going for a job interview? They’ll first ask for your grades and then see your other skills. Looking to seek admission in a college, your grade point average or GPA will play an important role in helping you find one. There is a saying that rightly reflects why grades are important for your future. The saying goes, “beggars are not choosers”, which means that your grades do define your future to a certain extent by helping you narrow down the top colleges or universities you desire to study in.

You can even go ahead and accept or reject a particular offer in a company if your grades are good for the employers would want your for your exceptional result and you can pick and choose from other offers.  You do need to fulfil certain criteria and meet the cut off when it comes to grades. Also, when you get through the admission process, you have to maintain that GPA in order to continue with the course.

An elementary GPA is somehow different from the weighted one as in an elementary GPA, the grades received in each of the classes are considered. In simple words, elementary GPA is an average of all your grades earned. It is further divided by the number of classes. How it is different from a weighted GPA? The elementary GPA is different from the weighted one as it doesn’t count the number of credits each class is worth.

Converting Letter Grades to Numerical Ones

A very common system of grading is that of assigning letters. The letters start from A to F that easily reflects the performance of the student. The GPA has a perfect score of 4.0 but mostly teachers across the world prefer to use the letter grading system. So if we have to translate the GPA of 4.0 to letter grades, then the coveted A will count for 4 points, B for 3, C for 2 and D for 1. E grades aren’t assigned and F stands for failing grade that counts for 0.

In certain report cards or certain scenario, you must have also come across a few grades like A+/A-, B/B-. If you have come across grades like these then do understand that certain schools and colleges go to a notch higher in their levels of calculations. Letters are assigned to the 4.0 scale but only a slight change is there.


This is the scale:

A= 4.00; A- = 3.67

B+= 3.33; B= 3.00; B- +2.67

C+= 2.33; C= 2.00; C-= 1.67

D+= 1.33; D = 1.00; D-= 0.67


F= 0.00


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How to Calculate Elementary GPA?

So if the system to calculate the grades is the elementary GPA one and not the weighted one, you just need to sum up the grades for all of your classes and then divide them by the number of classes. The school may be using the semester or trimester system, that means, you’ll have to calculate your GPA every semester or trimester so that you can do without multiplying the grade by ½ for one-semester courses or 1/3 for the courses that last through a trimester.


Post the calculation, you can further compute your GPA for the year by averaging your two-single semester or three single trimester scores.


Let us assume that Sussane receives 2As, 3Bs and 2Cs at the end of her semester. How do we calculate the elementary GPA for Sussane now?

It is a very simple way. Since Sussane has earned 2 As (A counts for 4), that means her count is 8; 3 Bs means 9 and 2 Cs mean 4. The sum of the grades received by Sussane is 21. The number of classes is 7. Applying the formula, the elementary GPA for the semester is 21\7=3.0.

Now the above-mentioned example was quite simple, isn’t it? Now let us take another example of a school that uses the trimester system.


Let us now assume that Michael’s GPAs for the three trimesters are 3,4 and 3.50. How do we calculate the GPA for Michael now?

Again, there is a very simple way of adding the scores to get 10.50. The score will then be divided by 3, The GPA comes out to be 3.5 How to Calculate School Grades by Percentage

How to Calculate GPA in Excel?

No matter how redundant is the fact that good grades are monumental in shaping our career and our future to a large extent, we cannot ignore to press upon its importance. High school kids, college students and the one going to get a job do need to amp up their performance in order to get the desired grades, as it is a given, the better your grades are, the more opportunities you get and more avenues await you. On the other hand, if your academic grades are poor, you will not only lose out on opportunities but also can find yourself amidst a lot of academic concerns. In order to avoid the latter, all you need to do is keep a track of your performance and maintain your grades throughout.

An Excel spreadsheet is another way that can help you to calculate your own grades. Everyone uses Excel these days. You just need to open a new Excel spreadsheet and enter heading into row one. Starting at column A and ending at D, enter the following headings. Course, Grade, Credit and Quality Points.

You then need to list the courses you are taking by name in the A column, start at row 2 and going down as far as you need to. These words can also work as labels for you to remember what the class is. Column A might reflect English, History and Biology. Type the label GPA in the row after the last class label. You will then enter the numerical values of the grades earned for each class into column B.


An ‘A’ grade is 4, ‘B’ is 3; ‘C’ is 2, ‘D’ is 1 and ‘F’ is 0. Enter the credit in column C and allow Excel to calculate the quality points. Add the column for the quality points by selecting the cell in the D column of the empty GPA row then entering “=Sum” into the toolbar followed by the range of cells you want to include. You can then calculate the GPA by dividing the quality point cell in that row by the credit cell.

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