Final Grade Calculation Formula

Final Exam Grade Calculation

If you are wondering what your grade should be in order to reach your final grade then the final grade calculator can help you estimate it. It is as simple as it sounds. You just need your current grade based on the formative or other multiple assessments and the weight of the final examination. You are just a formula away from the desired grade in your final examination. The formula that the calculator uses is:


In the above formula F symbolizes the Final grade; G implies the Goal or the desired grade w means the weight of the final examination divided by hundred and c represents the current grade.

Sample Final Exam Grade Calculation

So if your final exams are just round the corner and you are still boggled by the calculation part, here is the sample you need that’ll help you estimate your final grade. Let’s say your grade in  english is 80% whereas your desired grade for the finals is 90%. Wondering what score do you need then?? Let’s just break it up as the following so that it can be used in the formula. The final is worth 40% of the term grade. Firstly, we convert the final weight of the examination in decimal form by dividing it by 100 i.e 40 % would become 0.40.

Your Current score is- 80%
Desired Grade or score is- 90%

Now just apply the formula

F= 90-((1-0.4) X 80)/0.4
F= 90-((0.6 X80)/0.4
F= 90- 48/0.4

Therefore, if your current grade is 80%, final weight is 40%, and then you need to strive and get ____ for 90% in the final exams.

The importance of the final semester grade

We all must agree and comprehend the fact that a single grade or exam can’t determine our abilities or our knowledge. While we are on the same page in understanding this simple fact, we all must also acknowledge that assessing or testing in some way or the other can only bring accurate results. No matter how you fare in your formative tests, it is the final grade that determines the outcome.

Still in doubt why final grades should matter? Right from getting admission to the choice of your college or university to getting a well-paid job, your final grades are something that holds an extreme value. With the changing times, many companies and assessments methods have become flexible and they do rely on different aptitude based tests but final grades play an important role when it comes to applying for grants and subsidies. Like it or not, final grades are imperative to get you on your desired track.

How to use the final grade calculator

The very first thing you would want to know before using the final grade calculator is getting acquainted with the final grade calculator itself. Once you have the knack of it, you can use it in two ways.

You can either calculate your final grade from your current grade or by using your previous grades. In the second method, you can add up to nine exams where each has its own weight.You also have the liberty to use the grading system in both the modes. You can choose to pick percentage, numbers or even letters for the grades. By using the formula given above, grade calculation is a cakewalk.

I finished my exam, I got my final grade, now what?

One question that has become a part and parcel of a student’s life is “What is your aim”? So if you are in a school, the most common or relevant answer will be to get great final grades so that you get enrolled in an esteemed college of your choice, if you are already in college you would want your final grades to get you into a desired university or may be land you up your dream job.

Grades do get you a long way. However, if you have passed all these levels and you do have your final grade with you and still the phrase “what next” baffles you, then you need to know that other than the grades, your skills, wisdom, novelty and confidence shapes your future. You have the grades but you also need to present them with conviction and undaunted spirit.

Final exam and anxiety, how to balance now

Let’s all agree that examination fever is not just any other fever that the child complains of right before the exam. It is a result of the pressure, stress, anxiety and fear that takes a toll on the student. The constant pressure of achieving good grades in finals that’ll eventually help us in reaching the niche of our careers and the fear of failing to do so is the root of anxiety. We often relate success and failure with exams, forgetting that a piece of paper cannot decide our future or determine our talent.

Exams are an important part of our life but they are not life. One needs to strike a balance between the two. A healthy lifestyle, support from friends and family, equal concentration in honing one’s talents, motivation and most importantly, the confidence to strike back even if you fail are the requisites to combat anxiety and pressure. Remember, your only competition is with yourself and not with your peers. Once a failure does not mean failure for life. Your unflinching belief in yourself will do wonders for you for you will know that there are limitless possibilities even if one doesn’t work. Positivity is the key to keep going.