How To Calculate Grades for High School And College

How to Calculate Grades?

No matter how much we want to believe that our education system has moved beyond grades and marks but the truth remains that grades play an important role in important phases of our lives. Parents and teachers keep reminding us that our grades must be good so that we get into the desired college.

Grades do shape a part of our life. Like many other students, there are a ton of questions that must be bombarding you about how the GPA is calculated and how would you know about the maintenance or increasing of your grades. To simplify the topics related to GPA,

Here we are with all the information you need to know about the same.

How to Calculate Grades?

The Grades calculation system differs from teacher to teacher. So your different subject teachers might be using varied methods to calculate the grades.

Your grades are calculated on the basis of different tests, assignments, quizzes etc. whose average determine your final grade. However, the weightage of the assignments/tests varies from subject to subject. For that matter, even the frequency or the number of assignments or tests can vary.


For example, in English you may have to take 10 home assignments, 2 Listening and speaking tests, 3 quizzes and 1 final exam. Whereas, in Science, the number of home assignments and other tests can either be the same or entirely different. If in English the weight of the final exam is 40% of the course grade, it doesn’t really need to be replicated for Science exam as well.

Once you know the weightage of each assignment and assessment, it becomes pretty easy for you to gauge your final grade. Your teacher calculates the grades based on the performance of your formative tests. The internal or formative test grades are calculated to add up to the final grade. So if your performance is consistent, your final grade will be a reflection of the same. Final grades are very important but so are the other grades that you earn throughout the year.

If you are an excellent performer and have been getting nothing less than an “A”, then even if you deviate in the final exam, you won’t have to worry much. On the other hand, if you have been getting a grade “C” and you leave no stone unturned to get full marks, you won’t miraculously get an “A”, you’ll have to suffice with a B grade.

The Methodology to Calculate Grades

Having comprehended the first step, that is, determining the grades, the second step becomes automatically easy. All you need to do is to display the grades so that you know exactly how much a number of assessments you took and how many points or marks each one of them carries. Let’s consider the following breakdown of assessments and their points as an example:


Grade Points


150 points


100 points

Unit Tests

90 points

Final Exam

95 points


435 Points (out of 450)

Once the tabulation of the done, the time comes to consider the percentage each part of your grade is worthy of. You’ll acknowledge the weight that every assessment carries and then multiply by your total points for each assessment, that’ll show your total score.


Your total percentage will be calculated by dividing your overall weighted points earned by the total weighted points available to you:

For example: 100 ÷ 106 = 0.94.

That’s 94% which equals an “A.”

How to Anticipate your Final Grade

This is probably the most baffling question that high schools or college students ask themselves. It is easier to get your desired grade when you have set a goal for yourself and the goal can only be set when you know your performance throughout the course.

To set a realistic goal for yourselves for your final exams can actually help you prepare for it and ultimately achieve it. To understand it better, let us assume that the worth for your final exam is 50% and your goal is to get a coveted A in your finals.


In the assumed scenario, let us say that the grades below are the ones that you have earned throughout the course and the score you must make on your final to receive the “A” that you wish to achieve.


Final Grade Needed for an “A” (at least 93%)

73% (“C”)


83% (“B”)


93% (“A”)


You need not worry about the calculation and can simply rely on our final grade calculator for the smooth tabulation of your final grades. All you need to do is to enter your class grade as earned by you, the final grade you desire and the weight of your final exam and presto, it displays what you must score on the final!

The Influence of Grades on GPA

GPA or Grade Point Average is basically the step to determine your performance in academics throughout your high school or college. It is a given that a good GPA can open different avenues for you by making you choose your own college or be in a position to accept or reject a job offer.

The higher the GPA, the more chances you get to prove your worth and decide your future. A very effective way to set and achieve your desired GPA is by using our GPA calculator. So if you are in a High School, use High School GPA Calculator and if you are in College then you can use our College GPA Calculator and gauge the grades.

The Gist

Final grades can easily be regulated if you work on them. The best way is to keep a tab on your class grades, your academic progress, your areas of improvement and the logistic part. Your teachers can be quite monumental in helping you out and make you improve.


If you work well throughout the year, you would have to struggle less to achieve your desired final grade. Always remember that high grades mean that the ball is in your court and you can take your call to select or reject a college, job or opportunity.


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