How to Calculate Your Grades

Calculate Your Grades

You have to really keep a tab on your grades in order to track your performance. While some teachers do keep you updated about your grades, it is always advisable to always be aware about your own grades so that you can strive to work towards the desired grades in the finals. What is very interesting to calculate about your own grades is the fact that there is just simple Math and simple formula required to compute the grades. There are not complexities involved that would take you ages to compute the grades, you just need to know your points and you can do the calculation in a jiffy.

If your teacher doesn’t use weighted averages, you can calculate your class grade with the simple formula:

(points earned ÷ points possible) × 100 = class grade in percentage form.

Points System

Since every instructor has his/her way of computing grades, the teacher can also use the point system. In the point system, the teacher doesn’t use a weighted average. The points have to be added up to come up with a cumulative score. The points will be on the number of assignments or assessments undertaken by the student.

1. Add Total Points Earned

Your total points earned are:


75 + 80 + 95 = 250

2. Calculate Total Points Possible

And your total points possible are:

100 + 100 + 100 = 300

3. Divide Points Earned by Points Possible

So your class grade, so far, is:

250 ÷ 300 = 0.83


4. Convert to Percentage Form

Right now your result is in decimal form, but it’ll be easier to read if you multiply it by 100 to convert it to percentage form:

0.83 × 100 = 83%

So, your class grade is 83 percent.

It is possible that not every test has a uniform amount of points available – however, the formula for finding your class grade remains the same. Assume that you have taken four tests so far, receiving 42/50, 33/40, 56/60 and 21/25 points respectively. The steps for calculating your class grade remain the same. Again you have to follow the steps of totalling the total points earned and calculate the total points possible, divide the total points earned with the total points possible and finally, convert it to a percentage form to deduce your grade.


Weighted Average

It is up to the teachers to decide whether she uses the graded scores or the weighted average to finally reach out your class grades. When your teacher uses the weighted score or the weighted average, it simply means that some of your assignments or assessments are more important than the others. The weight of the tests, assignments differ and some tests may be more in weight than others. For example, your internal tests can be for 70 or 80% and the rest of the assignments be for mere 30 0r 20% respectively.

Whenever your teacher or you have to calculate the final grade based on the weighted grades, you calculate a grade for each scoring category as already described, dividing the total points earned by total points possible – and then you add an extra step.

1.  Calculate a Grade for Each Scoring Category

Divide points earned by points possible to calculate your grade in each scoring category. So if you’ve earned 280 points out of 300 points possible on tests, you’d have:

280 ÷ 300 = 0.933 for tests

And if you were diligent in your homework and got 295 points out of 300 possible, you’d have:


295 ÷ 300 = 0.983 for homework

Note that for now, you’re leaving the results in decimal form.

2. Multiply by Weighted Percentages

Next, multiply the grade in each scoring category by the appropriate weighted percentage. Go ahead and leave the weighted percentage in decimal form. This gives you:

0.933 × 0.8 = 0.7464 (because tests are worth 80% or 0.8 of your grade), and

0.983 × 0.2 = 0.1966 (because homework is worth 20% or 0.2 of your grade).


3. Add Your Results Together

Add together the weighted grades for each scoring category. The result is your overall weighted grade. So, you have:

0.7464 + 0.1966 = 0.943

But the result is still in decimal form. Go ahead and multiply by 100 to convert it to an easier-to-read percentage:

0.943 × 100 = 94.3%

After calculating the weighted average, your class grade is 94.3%.


Class Grade Calculation can be done manually or by using a class grade calculator

It is absolutely a cakewalk to calculate your class grade and analyze your performance and the anticipated efforts you need to put in. You just need to know the weights that each category of assignments or tests carry.

You can then find out about the points earned in those grades from you teacher and using the formula mentioned above, either calculate the grades manually or by using the our class grade calculator.

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