Multiple Parts Calculator

There are 2+ parts in my final. What do I have to get on them?


As the name suggests, multiple parts calculator helps you calculate your grades for a particular semester, or a subject. You can easily get your score that you desire in your final exams. Other than finding out just the final exam grades you can also find out the grades for your remaining exams.

The calculator comes pretty handy to compute as it accepts both letters and numbers grades and shows results accordingly. It also uses the percentage grades as one of its inputs. With the easy to use multiple parts calculator, you can easily figure out what grade is desired to achieve that certain grade in your finals. The grade calculator comes as a convenient tool when you have to:

Gauge or evaluate your overall grade Determine that grade you need to attain your ideal grade in your final exams. For a grade calculator, one must be aware about one’s current grades in a particular course along with the weight that each category carries. If you have all of these, you just have to start by inputting it in the columns named and your desired score will be automatically calculated. The multiple parts calculator is not just for teachers but even the students can use it to calculate their desired score.

What do I have to get on the exam?

We all know the syllabus before we take the exam but do we actually know where do we stand? It always helps if we have a target in front of us so that we know in which direction are we working and what score do we need exactly to get the desired result. So here are the following things one needs to do get on the exam. To be precise and clear of your goal, take into consideration your subject or course outline. Once you are sorted, you need to know the exam worth or how much weight does the exam carries.

Once you have the data ready, you can fill in the information in the respective columns. Thirdly, you need to enter the marks of your current assignments or internal assessments that count in the finals. These assignments or assessments will be calculated to get your average grade that further helps in computing the overall grade.

Once you have your overall grade ready, you will know how have you done in the exams and what else is needed to get the ideal score. Once you know the grade needed, that ideal score can be worked upon, can be achieved with hard-work and consistency.


How to Find Out What I Need on My Final to Pass

In order to know what grade you get to earn that particular grade in your finals that can impact your performance, a grade calculator helps a lot. Our final grade calculator can do the needful for you and help you realize your actual grade and the grade you need to get the ideal score.

All you need to do is to enter your average grades of your previous assessments, the desired grade you want for the finals and the weight of each category of the assessments. You can easily find out what grades you need for the finals and you can work on that accordingly.

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