Overall Grade Calculator

I took the final. What’s my overall grade?


Examination stress is real. Many a time we keep ourselves in bafflement and keep stressing over the required grade to achieve a certain grade in the finals.To make things simpler and easy, the overall grade calculator can work wonders and make the whole process of finding out your ideal grade a cakewalk. Overall grade calculator works by computing the overall grade by taking into account-weighted averages. The overall grade calculator accepts both letters and numbers as grades. You can easily calculate your overall or the final grade other than calculating the grade required in the remaining assignments. You can simply focus on your exams and leave the calculation part on us. You will know what grade you require to achieve that desired
overall score.

There are mainly three reasons why anyone would use an overall grade calculator. Let’s have a look at them: Firstly, the grade calculator finds out your final grade or the overall grade. Secondly, the overall grade calculator also establishes what exact grade you need so that the goal set by you for your finals is achieved. Lastly, the grade calculator gives you a respite from racking your brains in doing the calculations to find out your grade solution. It is a boon and makes the calculation process very convenient.

Brief history of different grading systems

In the education system, grades are used to gauge varied achievements during a particular semester or term. The different grading system traces its origin back to the year 1785, where the students of Yale were given different pedestals according to their ranks. The four ranks were referred to as ‘optimi’, second optimi, inferior and pejores denoting the highest rank, second highest, lower and the last respectively. William and Mary took to a different grading system as they ranked their students in numbers. At Harvard, the students were ranked numerically where the range started from 1 and ended in 200. Different institutions devised their own ways of grading the students, but they were inconsistent, which consecutively paved way for forming a reformed grading system, which is both standardized and accurate.

The grade calculator is pretty easy to use and gives accurate results. All you need to do is follow the instructions given and you are ready to calculate your final score. For the overall average, you need to enter the grades you received in your exams and its weightage. Both the grades and the weightage play a crucial role in determining the final grades. Once you have filled in the requisites, you can opt for one or both the fields to be filled which are marked as optional. Once you fill all the fields, you can press ‘compute’ and your average score will be displayed along with the results of the other fields whose answer you sought. Just remember that every grade you enter must be a non-negative number and every percentage must be a positive number.


What’s my overall grade?

If you are apprehensive about your overall grade and wondering what grade you should fall in to get the desired final grade, then our grade calculator is all you need. Our grade calculator is extremely simple to use and precise in results. Your overall grade can be easily computed in letters or numbers if you have your current grade. Your overall grade would depend on your current grades as well as the weight of the final exam. The average of the current grade would be taken out when you simply input your grades along with the weight as a percentage. Your ideal or desired score is calculated and reflects your overall grade.

Examples with Formula

To make things more clear, let’s take a look at a few examples.

Example 1:
Current grade is: 80%
Final weight is: 40%
Required grade is: 90%

How to calculate the desired score:

The final exam grade is equal to the required grade, minus 100% minus the final exam weight (w) times the current grade (g), divided by the final exam weight (w):
Final exam grade = ( required grade – (100% – w) × current grade ) / w = ( 90%- (100%-40%)x 80)/40%
The final grade is 90%

% before.
% on the final.
% of your grade.