Test Grade Calculator

My lowest test grade is dropped. What do I need to get?

Assignments, written tests, quiz and assessments- they all are a part and parcel of a student’s life. They somehow play a big role in teachers’ life as well as a teacher has to correct the tests and assign grades to the students. These grades need to be accurate as they further add up to the final grades. The tool to make the task less tedious and give precise results is a test grade calculator. A test grade calculator is a very effective and convenient tool used by teachers to calculate the grades earned by a student in a test. This very handy tool can easily find out the grade and the percentage based on the tally of correct and incorrect answers. The test grade calculator is very simple to use and one can always change the setting from the default and set one’s own. The test grade calculator comes handy for teachers who can get the grades in a jiffy. If you are intrigued by the calculation part, then you mustn’t for the test grade calculator makes the whole process simple and convenient. It is a very useful tool that makes life simpler for teachers. The following steps can tell you how to use a test grade calculator easily.

How to calculate test score

Calculating test score with the help of a test grade calculator is very easy. It’s basic average that is done by the calculator itself. You need the points earned in the particular test or assignment (based on the right answers) and the total points. To simplify the whole process, what you are actually doing is finding the average of your right answers. The answer or the percentage that you get determines your test grade in the particular course, that means, your grade or the percentage score= correct answers/ total. The percentile that you get on pressing the compute or calculate tab can be converted to determine the grade corresponding the percentile.

How to use it?

Using a test grade calculator is no big deal. Rather it is very simple and can be used by anyone to make one’s job easy. Once your test is checked and you get you want to calculate the grades, you simply need the right and the wrong answers. From the total number of questions, right or wrong answers are to be segregated. Once you have entered the total questions and the number of right or wrong answers in their respective fields, you get your test grade in percentile form. The percentage grade represents the letter grade and you know exactly if you earned A, A+ of The grade B.

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